Finland, Finland, Finland, land of technological achievements. We’ve had Starbucks for over 2 years, a love boat that links us to Sweden and so far Finns have eaten 600 million ready made pizzas. But none of these developments would have been possible if it had not been for the people of Finland and it’s those people we’ll look at today. Let’s do it.

Out of Office – FIN edition


Photography Antti Sepponen

Antti Sepponen's self-published book ‘Lahti’ was released in 2015.  Sepponen is a huge fan of Finland. Lahti available from


The National Anthem of Finland
Shivan Dragn Revisited

Shivan Dragn aka Artturi Taira plays live.
He doesn't put music online. Not even now – we did it.


Above:  A young hero.
Jouko Lehtola, 1996

Late Jouko Lehtola’s book ‘Finlandia’ available on Amazon.


Hellsinki shirt from Hellsinki Shop
Founded in 2004


Winter wonderland





“Finland is interesting. Very small gene pool. Like for example you two. Are you sisters or friends?”

“Oh! I had a Finnish girlfriend once. Baevi! Such a beautiful name. She always carried a big knife.” 🔪


“It’s very cold there, so you must know what is the best way to keep warm. Skin to skin. Maybe close to some logs in the fire.”


“Really! Oh my God! I love ABBA!”


“You have a very talented football player. Mikael Forssell. My friends don’t believe me when I tell them his name is really pronounced Michel. It’s because Finland used to be under the French rule. Of course you don’t remember it, you were not born yet.”


Quotes hand-picked by Ninni Lehtniemi

Ninni Lehtniemi is a journalist currently living in Oxford.
The list is based on true stories.


Change is afoot in Finnish fashion. In this series we showcase modernity and purposeful quirkiness of the Pre Helsinki designers.

Anna wears a coat and turtleneck by Satu Maaranen


Verna wears a turtleneck and trousers by Satu Maaranen


Top and skirt by Juslin Maunula


Dress by Satu Maaranen


Jacket by Lepokorpi

Below Earrings by Juslin Maunula


Jacket and skirt by Lepokorpi


Necklace by Juslin Maunula


Bangle by Juslin Maunula



Photography Johanna Laitanen
Styling Emilia Laitanen
Make-up Jenny Jansson

Models Anna & Verna at Brand Management
Juslin Maunula, Lepokorpi & Satu Maaranen are presented by Pre Helsinki





“Would you love a monsterman
Could you understand
Beauty of the beast”



“Beauty is the harmony of purpose and form.”



A kind of national food.



Illustration Sami Havia. Get this piece of art from our Shop.

Fennel and FRESH sausage pizza

Recipe Kristian Tapaninaho

In five steps:
1. Make enough pizza dough and sauce for as many pizzas as you’d like
2. Roast up a few thin slices of fennel on a frying pan or a grill
3. Shallow fry balls of fresh sausage meat until just cooked
4. Assemble your pizza and top it with cheese
5. Finish your pizza in a wood-fired oven (90 seconds) or an electric oven (7-8 minutes)

Kristian Tapaninaho is an inventor of a portable pizza oven Uuni


Kulttuurisauna, Helsinki Wed–Sun from 4pm–9pm


Photography Jussi Puikkonen

Out of Office selection of Jussi's ongoing project Sauna from Finland.


“In Finnish culture sauna used to be a place for birth and death.”



Arla Sauna, Helsinki
Wed–Sun 3pm–9.30pm


Pumice stone from Samuji Home

After sauna. Highly recommended.  X OOO


Photography Timo Anttonen



Prada SS16 as seen by Heikki Salonen

Fashion designer Heikki Salonen's favourite pastime is to doodle. These illustrations were done on a Sunday afternoon while sweating off after a long bath with two dogs lying on his feet impatiently waiting for their usual walk in the park.


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by Hennamari Asunta

 Photography Timo Anttonen

Photographed on location at Gallen-Kallela Museum. Open daily: 11am–6pm.

Hennamari creates moods with flower arrangements.






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... my movements are sluggish, like in a dream, even though I have never been more awake. I have carried this place inside me for so long, and now that I am here it is as though I am wandering around inside myself. I am wandering around inside myself now.”


This is an excerpt from Bea Uusma’s The Expedition – a Love Story, a book that had a tremendous impact on me. It drove me to exaggerate a sore throat in order to stay at home with ‘the flu’ and skip an evening with friends, just so I could read all night. I didn’t speak to my family at lunch or dinner, I kept on reading. I read the book as a mystery, as a grand poem from the expanses of snow whipped by arctic winds, and as a psychological study on human obsessions. 

I read the book as an expedition deep into myself.

The eponymous expedition of the book is an adventure from 1897: three men are determined to cross the North Pole in a hot air balloon made of metres and metres of Chinese silk.

The expedition ends on the shore of White Island, an unmapped place somewhere in the white, unexplored vastness.

“She dug up photographs and interviewed people; perhaps she dreamt of a pink balloon.”

Over a century later, Bea Uusma stumbled upon the story and it would not leave her. Again and again, she delved into archives, scrutinising documents about the expedition. She dug up photographs and interviewed people; perhaps she dreamt of a pink balloon.

She had to make it to the same shore. She had to find out what happened.

I recognise the sensation: something starts to ripple and eventually takes hold of you. It can be a place – a place you have never been, or one in which you have only briefly set foot. But that kind of place will not leave you alone; in it you feel closer to yourself, closer to something that you have always chased. Perhaps the truth.

Déjà vu is a phenomenon explained by scientists in various ways: how two separate flows of information enter the brain via different routes or at different times, how the brain experiences an abnormal electric outburst, or how the short-term and long-term memories are briefly out of sync, becoming muddled in the dark.

I don’t believe those explanations. I don’t believe the scientists believe them either.

Some things cannot be explained.

Such as why Bea Uusma spent 15 years getting to the shores of White Island just in order to solve the mystery of three frozen men. Or how she felt she was in fact traversing her own self when she finally set foot on that strip of land: the land covered in sharp gravel where Salomon August Andrée, Nils Strindberg and Knut Frænkel fought their battle of life and death many moons ago.

Nothing can explain the place that lies within, waiting to be found.


Text Anna-Kaari Hakkarainen
Translated to English by Katja Kukkasjärvi. Excerpt from the book translated by Agnes Broomé.

Anna-Kaari’s new book ‘Kristallipalatsi’ comes out in September via Tammi.